How to Celebrate the Holidays

It’s the holiday season, but it may be hard to find an activity to do with your family. During the pandemic, a lot of typical activities remain shut down for the season. The best way to enjoy your holiday season this year is safely, through the use of socially distanced activities.

Going to a drive-thru Christmas light show could be the perfect way to be festive with your family. In most states, there are many areas in which you can go visit a drive-thru light show. These shows usually consist of connecting a radio to a certain channel, and the lights go along with the channel! In order to find one of these fun and safe light shows, you should look up, drive-thru light shows near me. If you live in Chicago or the suburbs of Chicago, here is a list of great lights to see: That list ranges from people decorating their own house in crazy advanced ways to professionally done light shows to go to. An example of a great drive-thru place to go is the Let it Shine Drive-Thru Light show in the suburbs of Northbrook Court. Once you find your light show and pick a time, then drive over for a fun family experience!

Another fun way to experience a unique and safe Christmas experience is by watching movies with friends. To avoid large gatherings with friends during the holiday season, you and your friends can set up a zoom hangout! You and your friends can enjoy the Christmas spirit by making snacks, chatting, and watching movies all while on zoom. Some people may not want to use zoom, but another way to watch a movie with friends can be through Netflix Hangout. Netflix Hangout is an easy and accessible way to watch some Christmas movies with friends while in the pandemic. Although it may not be as fun as meeting up with friends in person, it is a great substitute to still put effort into your friendships.

Both of these examples are great substitutes for the normal holiday traditions! Although this year may have not been the greatest, you still need to put time and effort into your friendships and relationships with family, and these are some simple and enjoyable ways to do it.