LeBron James or Michael Jordan, Who is the G.O.A.T.

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The biggest debate in basketball. The toughest question for most people. Who is the best to ever do it? Two of the most commonly compared players, LeBron James and Michael Jordan, are looked upon by most people as the two best basketball players of all time. 

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5 MVP’s (Most valuable player) and 6 championships within only 15 years”

Michael Jordan’s case mainly revolves around his career accolades and physical achievements. A main argument for Michael Jordan is how he has 5 MVP’s (Most valuable player) and 6 championships within only 15 years. Michael Jordan is known as one of the best scoring and defensive players of all time, he was extremely athletic and had an amazing work ethic. Jordan won 10 total scoring titles in the NBA.  He also was on the all defensive team 9 times.  He is tied for first in both of those rankings. This shows how consistent as a player Michael Jordan was. He was an all around threat on the court and put fear into the opponent’s going up against him.

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4 MVPs and 4 NBA Championships”

LeBron James’s case revolves around how good he was individually, but also how he affected those around him. LeBron has won 4 MVPs and 4 NBA Championships. He has been in the league for 17 years, and is still playing today. LeBron has only one scoring title, but he is expected by most sports analysts to pass Kareem Abdul Jabbar in total points scored and become the player with the most points ever scored. Like Jordan, LeBron is an amazing scorer and defender, but LeBron is better in passing and improving the players around him, he has averaged around 7 assists total in his career. Like Jordan, LeBron has been consistent throughout his career and has opponents scared to play against him and his teams’. 


Considering the stats, both of them are the undisputed top 2 of all time. They both have great cases to support that they could be the best of all time. Michael Jordan has more career accolades than LeBron James, but LeBron James has more impressive stats.  This causes for the comparison to be more through the eyes of the audience, and not through stated facts. Who do you think is the better player?

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