People Of Quarantine

Alyssa Aleman, News Journalist

On March 20, 2020, Illinois was given the stay at home order. Since then, students and people with jobs have been working from home and all Illinois Public Schools are now extending E-Learning to the end of the school year. Everyone in this stay at home order is finding new things about themselves and connecting with others more and more. Several musicians have been dropping new albums  such as Drake with Dark Lane Demo Tapes, Jhene Aiko with Chilimbo, a new single by Kid Cudi featuring Travis Scott called, The Scotts and many more. Many of us have also spent a good time sitting on the couch or laying down in bed binging Netflix. Some popluar TV Shows that are trending at the moment are, Outer Banks, a show about a teen and a couple of friends on an island trying to find treasure, and Criminal minds a crime Tv show. A particular tear jerker that some people are watching is the 2012 film, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.This whole pandemic can be scary but is a good amount of time to take advantage of. An example of what some people have been doing to keep themselves busy is writing in a journal. These times can cause anxiety and separation from loved ones could cause depression to some people. Jotting your thoughts down is always a great way to keep things from being bottled up. Among these lines, people have been meditating such as doing yoga, having a garden and more relaxing ways to release tension. 


Another healthy way to keep yourself from being bored is to workout and keep your body in shape. There is a specific workout girls have been doing to stay in shape and prepare for their summer body which is Chloe Ting workouts. There are different workouts for a variety of body parts such as abs, legs, and more. The workouts are a daily thing for about 30 minutes. Some can last a week to three. It is a great way to keep your body in shape as well as eating well. Some people can eat when they tend to get bored. Eating healthy foods can help maintain a good shape as well.


Though this is thought as a negative time, it could also be a very postive and impacting time. Students during this lockdown are taking advantage of their time to get all assignments in and to help their grades. The E-Learning process is a way to keep having assignments for students to do just like a regular school day. This is a good and easier way for students to help raise their grade. At Grant, teachers make it easy and understandable to do our work. They are also always communicating with their students. During the pandemic, our school’s services are still here. If you are having any troubles please make sure to contact your teacher or the student services department.