What to Binge Watch During Quarantine

Stuck at home during quarantine? Binge watch a show!

Amariah Vivians, Features Journalist

During 2020 the most unexpected event happened, Corona Virus infected thousands successfully shutting down the United States in the process. Leaving many with jobs, students without school, and people enforcing the stay at home act, you can find yourself facing boredom while stuck in the house. With nothing to do but watch tv and spend time with your family it’s important to have binge worthy shows and movies to help pass your time. Whether you are into Disney, Supernatural shows, or anime; I have the answers for you.


Pictures of Disney most memorable character.(Creative Commons)

Disney is a right of passage most children go through, being obsessed with whatever animated character they put on your screen. Yet many people go their whole lives without ever watching the classic moves that made Disney the company it is. The first Disney movie that should be binged-watched is the Lion King. Lion King is a well known movie, one that’s been remade multiple times but it never gets old. It gives life lessons and provides musical entertainment to kids and their parents. The next movie should be Lion King ½, it’s the same story line of Lion King but from the point of view of Timon and Pumba. You listen to hilarious commentary and they fill in the gap of missing scenes they didn’t show in the original movie. Finishing the Lion King movie trilogy with Lion King 2, Simba and nala has a child which was shown at the end of movie one. The second movie is focused on her and her love interest, the difficulties she faces, and how she accepts her title as Queen of the Pride land. If Lion King isn’t your cup of tea there are many other Disney movies that would be perfect to add to a movie marathon: Mulan, Bugs Life, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and more. 


Dean and Sam Winchester, best known from the show Supernatural .(Creative commons)

In this generation there is an insane amount of interest in the supernatural world as seen in many movies and shows in today’s era. From books to the internet our generation is obsessed with the very idea of the supernatural. If you are one who enjoys this type of genre, but are having trouble finding a good show look no further. A good show is The Vampire Diaries and it’s equally captivating spin off The originals. The Vampire Diaries is about a sophomore girl named Elena who just experienced a tragic loss. Upon her first day back to school she meets a boy named Stefan, who will change her life more than she would ever expect. In the spin-off The Originals, the original vampires Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah make their way back to New Orleans to take back their throne. It’s full of love, tension between brothers, tragedy, and lots of fighting scenes. If you happen to complete both series then you continue on their final spin-off of both shows and watch Legacies. It’s the story of the next generation of supernatural kids and all the trouble they’ll get into.


Mikasa in Attack on Titans (Creative Commons)

Despite the assumption that people don’t like anime it’s a booming genre who is constantly getting more fans. From known shows like Pokemon to never heard of anime there is a wide range of shows created to capture your mind. Attack on Titans is an anime show about a civilization living in a walled kingdom. The wall was created to keep out the titans, fallen and ancients gods who feast on the flesh of the humans. With the help of Erin and his best friends Mikasa and Armin and the leader of the best Titan slaying crew, Levi, there is hope that they can defeat the titans but if they can’t, their whole kingdom is at risk. If man eating titans aren’t for you but anime is then a good show to watch is Fullmetal Alchemist. Two young brothers Edward and Alphonso are given the alchemy power, supernatural ability to transform matter. After the death of their mother it turns into a burden now having lost their bodies and battling evil for the king it’s a never ending show of action. Will they get their bodies back? Will they find a way to reincarnate their mother? Watch it to find out!!