Being Beached

Being lost in your thoughts can isolate you, sending you to a deserted island-like state.

Life can be something that’s hard to handle. There are so many things that can get in your way and you in your own thoughts and feelings. Feelings that can lead to frustration, and a negative mindset. As problems keep piling on, one is driven so far from happiness that all they feel they can do is start over. We’ve all heard the stories of a fed-up 9 to 5 worker who quits their job and moves somewhere tropical. When you know you can’t win the fight, the flight instinct kicks in. Our brain gives us no choice but to run, and be trapped in that state of mind.

What does it mean to completely start over? It really is dependent on how someone views it; starting over could be a ‘Plan B’ for someone, it could be starting over from zero for positive, or negative depending on the situation they are in causing them to renew the situation. Though, starting fresh has its fair share of consequences. Starting over is hard to execute when it comes to careers, school, and problems in general. Some of these subjects are stress and anxiety-inducing, maybe getting a thought of wanting to quit or rethink what they want as a person. This is why changing to make the situation better can also have leveled pros and cons.  Change usually leads to a positive but just as with anything in the universe, there are cons to every pro. Like feeling the guilt of the situation, or thinking about other outcomes that could have been better for that. Change is extremely difficult, but sometimes it is our only option. 

Depending on what you would need to alter, change is hard to think about, some people ponder for a long time on this thought, thinking of what truly the problem is. Lifestyle? Themselves? Their relationships with peers and family? “A big part is the feeling to fit in when really, everyone is trying to go through their own day.” as quoted by Alexandra Mayfield. Really applies to all three. We need to fit in with our environment, we need to feel welcomed by our friends and family, and if both reject you, you will start to reject yourself.  A minor change can be as simple as speaking with your boss or looking for a new job entirely. A huge change could be moving across the country. Starting a new chapter in lifelike, going to college, or opening your own business.

 Everybody dreams of taking control of their life and completely starting over somewhere else, but very few actually follow through. The smaller changes are the ones that won’t disrupt your entire life and may help fix a few of your problems, one at a time. Exercise, for instance, can be a smaller change with a sizable impact. It takes time to work on yourself.  Being beached is something that doesn’t last forever, but only if you work towards getting off the island. Others eventually get out of that state of mind and flourish to be the best they can be, with what they have to work within life. And to remember that no one is ever alone and can grab some help and support from close people. It’s always a good thing to ask for help if you are struggling with something, and you do not always have to handle it with yourself.

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