Obstacles don’t stop Marisa from achieving her goals in bowling and life

Player Card – Marisa Garcia, Issue 3 Volume 2

Marisa has defeated many hardships in bowling and outside,which makes her a different type of athlete.

 Marisa is a true fighter on the alley and off. Her will to fight is unmatched with her competition.

“I learned a lot from last year. My frustration was heightened, as I felt I was at an athlete’s block.

— Marisa Garcia

I have always been a little under confident, so to grow as a player and teammate and believe in myself has been a huge step and transition into this season, as well as to push past what I thought I couldn’t do.” Marisa has been working hard in the offseason to fight these roadblocks in her way. “I worked hard over the Summer to push myself. I attended the boys’ bowling summer camp because there was not a girls one. I worked hard, got myself into a better mindset, and learned to work through and cope with struggling.” Marisa hasn’t faced these obstacles alone and she has had help along the way. “Mrs. Miller has helped me a lot as far as my mental game. She often helps me through my frustration and is always willing to reach out and help through anything going on with me inside and outside of bowling.” With all Marisa has been through she has her eyes set on some big goals. “At the end of this year, I would love to have signed with Judson University (for bowling), and have hopefully qualified for state again through the IHSA”. With everything she has been through Judson would be lucky to have a fierce athlete like Marisa.

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