Cheerleading MVP Brooke Hurley-October 2019

Brooke Hurley-Cheerleading

“Cheer is such an experience I’ll never forget.””

— Brooke Hurley

Brooke Hurley is a four-year varsity athlete who has worked day in and day out because of her love for cheer. She is a hard worker and values her team just as much as anything else. It is her last year on the team but according to her, “An experience she’ll never forget.”  She uses her time at practice to connect with her teammates and work hard towards a good. She states that “It (cheer) is something I will love for the rest of my life and it will give me amazing memories that I’ll always look back on.” Brooke’s leadership and dedication makes her a great role model and athlete. She is a very upright athlete and will be remembered for her leadership and dedication to her team. 

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